Axial expansion joints are designed to absorb axial movements (extension and compression in its longitudinal axial direction). The thermal expansion of a straight pipe line section between two fix points can be absorbed by axial expansion joints with a relatively compact build-in length. This offers a simple and cost efficient solution in terms of movement compensation.

Axial expansion joints can be equipped with all kinds of connectors, such as welding ends or welded or loose (rotatable) flanges.For different requirement there are additional parts such as inner sleeve, tie-rods, cover he wall thickness of bellow, number of piles and additional parts of expansion joints are designed according to temperature, pressure and media of pipeline.


Flexoll design and manufacture a wide range of axial expansion joints.

Customised solutions

As customised solutions joints lateral expansion joints are available in all sizes up to DN7000, all designs and all materials.

Standard solutions

As standard solutions lateral expansion joints are available in size range DN 25 – 1200.

Advantages of axial expansion joints

  • Simple means of compensation
  • Smaller space requirements
  • No alteration of flow movement
  • Movement possible in any direction
  • No redirection of pipe work required
  • Low unit costs