An angular stainless steel expansion joint consists out of a stainless steel bellow and flanges or weld ends with a hinge construction. Due to this hinge the angular stainless steel compensator can only compensate an angular movement.

The pressure reaction force is transmitted through the hinge and therefore there are no special requirements with respect to the pipe supports. At high pressures or large diameters an angular expansion joint can safe cost on pipe supports. We can help you with the selection of the right expansion joint.


Flexoll design and manufacture a wide range of angular expansion joints.

Customised solutions
As customised solutions joints angular expansion joints are available in all sizes up to DN 7000, all designs and all materials.

Standard solutions
As standard solutions angular expansion joints are available in size range DN 32 – 1200.

Advantages of angular expansion joints

  • Medium to large expansion absorption possible
  • Relatively low fixed point load
  • Lower fixed point load than e.g. with axial expansion joints
  • Regular guides are sufficient
  • Pressure test possible even without fixed points